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Financial literacy classes for families in the Diamond Neighborhoods of San Diego

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SAN DIEGO, January 20, 2010 – Mind Treasures is pleased to announce a new series of financial literacy classes for children, youth, and families in the Diamond Neighborhoods of San Diego. Mind Treasures, in cooperation with Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, San Diego Neighborhood Funders, and Prime Time of San Diego Unified School District, plans to provide vital financialeducation to over 1,000 residents of Diamond Neighborhoods in 2010. This program was initiated with a series of generous grants (totaling over $43,000) from the Legler Benbough Foundation and classes began in the first week of January with a group Girl Scouts troops which consist of 7 parents and13 children and youth.

“Mind Treasures is committed to provide essential financial education to empower children, youth, and families throughout San Diego County,” said Alex Mazloom, cofounder and executive director of Mind Treasures. “Through this education, we can help attendees develop their potentials and learn a new system that will enable them to see the connection between their values and money; and make better financial and life decisions in an effort to build stronger families, communities, and neighborhoods.”

“We support the approach that Mind Treasures is taking. We believe that by tying financial literacy to personal values, conversations are opened up to subj ects that are both relevant and understandable to people who do not have a background in financial matters. Additionally, by building the material on personal values strong basis can be formed for a sustainable pattern of conduct based on life planning as opposed to attempting to react to the inconsistencies and contradictions of current financial circumstances,” said Peter Ellsworth president of the Legler Benbough Foundation.

About the Legler Benbough Foundation
The Legler Benbough Foundation is a local San Diego Foundation that has, as one of its three focus areas, building the capacity of the residents of the Diamond Neighborhoods of San Diego.

About Mind Treasures
Mind Treasures – established in 2006 – is a San Diego-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide financial education to all age groups. Mind Treasures’ curriculum (endorsed by the California Department of Education) is unique in that it focuses on personal finance knowledge and character development.The program’s premise is that people’s self-esteem and core values are inextricably linked to how they handle money. The program endeavors to develop givers as well as takers, and the role of philanthropy is central to the program.

Participants build a solid foundation in saving, investing, sharing and spending. Character is considered key and graduates learn the importance of patience, responsibility, moderation, thankfulness, generosity and truthfulness. Participants also learn how to set goals, make prudent decisions, learn the mechanisms for borrowing and budgeting money, and the basics of credit, interest, taxes and retirement planning.