Free resources for financial literacy educators

Check our classroom resources for educators to add a little spark to the classroom. Use our educational technology resources to enhance your lessons and engage your students. These ideas will help to plan for fun classroom activities along with education.

Free Forms

We encourage everyone who is conducting the ABCs of Wealth financial literacy programs to conduct pre and post class questionnaires. Various predefined or customizable forms with different goals and objectives can be found on the internet free of charge. Following are what we have designed based on the goals and objective of ABCs of Wealth Curriculum.

Pre Class Questionnaire – Children
Pre Class Questionnaire – Youth/Adults
Register Book
Program Reflection – Participants
Program Reflection – Parents
Program Reflection – Teachers

Free Budgeting Tools

Budgeting is an essential aspect of financial literacy. It is also a habit that is developed over time. There are many tools such as spreadsheets, software, and apps to help you with budgeting and tracking your income and expenses. If you have never created a budget before you can start with tracking your income and expenses first for a short period.

Income-Expense Tracking
Budget Sheet


Videos are a terrific way to help students learn more about a topic or concept in a simple and visual way. Following a few sample videos that we often use as a supplement to the lesson or activity, or as a review for students.

How do you beg for the things you want?
Play Pump
Marquis’ Story
Importance of education
Chicken Al Cart
School Desks

Videos on Plastic

Unfortunately we have become a plastic generation. It seems like life without plastic is impossible however a closer look reveals that plastic is just a matter of convenience. It’s up to each one of us to change our life styles and become independent of plastic.

Plastic Bird
No more Plastic Please
Plastic Society

Free Power Point Presentations

PowerPoints are a great visual resource to use with the students. Here are the couple of presentations which helps students learn about the connection between global issues and financial literacy.

What is eaten
Bottle Water. Do we need them?